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George E. McNulty was born in 1909 in Minnesota, Ottertail County, near Phelps Mill, the son of Martin and Hattie (Northup) McNulty . George married Bernice Wentzel of Phelps Mill. The family moved to Glasgow, Montana, along with Uncle Simeon Northup. George and Bernice had 12 children. George was born,the year before his first cousin, My Dad, Vyron Northup. His first child was born the year before my Dad's first child was born and the 12th child was born 2 years before my Dad's 12th child.

George and Bernice McNulty Family

Children of George and Bernice McNulty

Phyllis; B. 1936
Ellen; B. 1937
Wallace; B.1938
Emajean; B. 1940
James H.; B. 1941
Beverly; B. 1936
Roger; B. 1948
Susan; B. 1950
Timothy; B. 1953
Carrol; B. 1954
Collene; B. 1956